What Makes Houle & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants Stand Out

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About Houle & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants

Houle & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants was established in 2005. In 2015, the firm was renamed and relocated to better serve our clients. Our new office in Ottawa offers a professional working environment for our staff and allows us to aid the small business community across Ottawa, Kingston, and Toronto.

Our small team of experienced accountants is highly efficient while preparing income tax returns for clients. We also offer them tax saving tips as part of their financial management. To take our service quality further up a notch, we work closely with our clients to make sure they are compliant with the ever-changing tax laws.

We specialize in providing tax and financial planning services to clients, who are mainly self-employed professionals. However, we also cater to small businesses which form the backbone of our economy. For those who want to reach out to us, we operate from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This is because we continue to serve the clients who have been with us right from inception. Moreover, our reputation is such that we continue to grow, mainly due to referrals from our satisfied clients.

The Houle & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants Difference

Our tax and financial planning specialty have allowed us to differentiate ourselves from the stereotypical accounting firms as we put our clients ahead of the number crunching. We use a comprehensive approach to tax and financial planning which enables us to develop a working plan for our clients to meet their short, medium, and long-term goals.

We are especially proud of our tax saving tips and strategies that have helped several clients minimize their tax burden and allowed them to focus on their family and other interests. In turn, clients appreciate us by sticking by our services and sending us referrals.

Our business is backed by a team of trained Chartered Professional Accountants and accounting professionals working towards this designation. We also have a payroll compliance professional, expert bookkeepers, and business advisors who have vast controllership experience, along with some business, legal, and HR compliance knowledge. Moreover, we continuously invest in technology to maintain an efficient and high level of customer service. As a result, we work with more clients without increasing our staff or our competitive pricing.

Our professional accountants are ready to assist clients in varied business aspects, whether it is bookkeeping, tax return preparation, business advice, or audit support. However, what draws many of our clients to our firm is our exceptional level of service. We treat all of our clients with the utmost respect, so they feel comfortable working with our team. Our team is also friendly, professional, and acts with complete integrity when making decisions. Besides, we have a solid network of professionals who offer additional services to our clients when required, which go beyond the realm of tax and accounting.

Over the years, we have supported many doctors, surgeons, family physicians, dentists, chiropractors, nurses, hygienists, and many other specialists in the healthcare field. We have therefore become experts in meeting the tax needs of the healthcare professionals. Recently, we have been helping healthcare professionals in Ontario with their HST charges for the non-clinical services they provide.

With a small team of accounting professionals, we have a specific employee recognition that is carried out on a regular, informal basis. We even offer group health benefits and support for a healthy lifestyle. Apart from this, we celebrate employee birthdays as a team, organize social gatherings to mark company milestones such as anniversaries, tax season, Christmas, and employee achievements.

We have a great family and work-life balance within our office environment with flexible hours. Family comes first, and our extended family also includes our clients and co-workers.

As a company, we collectively donate to local charities, schools, and the Cancer Research and Hospital Foundation. Our founder is also a volunteer Treasurer of the local Community Resource Center.

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