Financial Planners and Tax Specialists in Ottawa, Ontario

Houle & Associates is a highly-rated chartered professional accounting firm in Ottawa, specializing in tax and financial matters for individuals, companies and self-employed persons in the fields of:

    • Health and Life Sciences

    Trust our team of financial experts to advise on proper accounting processes in this constantly evolving industry. Our clients include: doctors, dentists, naturopaths, chiropractors, medical and dental clinics, self-employed individuals working in pharmaceuticals, life sciences, optometry, massage and occupational therapy, and other health related businesses.

    • Information Technology and Media

    Our team will help information technology and media companies manage various phases of growth, create sustainable accounting systems and leverage strategic tax policies. The information technologies and media companies we support include: Engineering, software development, telecom, e-commerce, networking and computer services.

    • Small Business

    Our tax and financial experts can transform the state of your small business through professional bookkeeping, document preparation and market insights. Includes: Service, retail and online businesses.

    • Building, Construction, and Real Estate

    Commercial, residential and recreational facilities are engaging in more construction and resales than ever. We work closely with realtors, lawyers and investment bankers to provide relevant financial advice on tax and financial management.

    • Consumer Markets

    Here in Ottawa, consumer markets require professional financial advice to leverage available technology, to ensure profitability and to adapt to the opportunities that arise. Our team at Houle & Associates can provide the advice you need to succeed.